Bioracer Urban Tech Hoody

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This Hoodie is a first for Bioracer. It’s the first time we’ve developed a piece of clothing for urban riding and commuters.
The main reason why we develop clothing is pure speed. Nothing more, nothing less. So our first piece of urban cycling kit not only had to look good, it also had to look fast.
It’s almost logical a lot of elements in this hoodie are directly derived from our Speedwear Concept and Spitfire lines of kit. The main material, Tempest Protect, is used throughout these clothing lines, and is reknown for its insulative, windproof and water repellent qualities.
Riding in urban environments means road safety and visibility are big issues. Our reflective Pixel sleeve inserts are the ideal solution for this.
In the back torso panel, we’ve implemented a diagonally inserted zipped back pocket, that’s more than big enough to store your wallet, keys and phone.
Furthermore, we’ve added a retractable, waterproof beavertail with a magnetic closure system in the back panel. 
The result? A fast looking, fashionable, highly technical urban cycling jack that’s built to protect against all elements, night and day.