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The Pista SC is a world-class, sticky, light, low rolling, handmade tubular intended for smooth wooden indoor tracks

The unique tread profile provides exceptional grip, which in turn offers exceptional rider confidence when racing around the velodrome. Built for world-class performance, this tyre uses its aerodynamic handmade tubulars and clinchers to give you smooth performance on wooden indoor tracks.


Challenge Handmade Tubulars (HTU): These Handmade Tubular (HTU) tyres perform better than any tubeless system! Therefore, they are raced by all the top athletes and teams in every cycling segment. The latex inner tube we cradled inside the high-quality casing that is sewn shut, forming a soft protective layer for the delicate tube. A base tape is glued over the sewing for protection and to absorb the adhesive later applied to hold the tubular on the rim. The carcass is mounted on a rim, inflated and a special natural rubber tread is precisely glued on top. Puncture protection layers and sealants can be applied to the finished casing, depending on the tubular’s use.

Corespun Cotton SC S and TE S Casings: Corespun cotton 320Tpi casing tires are prepared for our Service Course S (SC S Track, TT, Tri & Road) and Team Edition S (TE S Cross) tires. Cotton is naturally softer and more supple (like your favorite shirt) than an inexpensive polyester shirt and needs to be treated more carefully. Cotton is more likely to absorb water, stain, mould and rot if not properly washed and dried than more durable polyester or more expensive silk. Cotton is really the ideal balance of price and performance and therefore is the workhorse casing for professional athletes.