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This is the Challenge Pista Seta Ultra Tubular Tyre strong and light at the same time, has outstanding features the Veledrome tracks. When speed is key and you have no time to think the Challenge Pista Seta Ultra Track Tubular is the tubular to rely on. This tyre features a silk carcass, which is stronger, lighter and more supple than all other carcasses.

Whether the surface is wood or concrete, this unmatched tire holds the sprinter's line like nothing else. The Pista's silk (seta) casing with more than 1,000 threads-per-inch, a tread that is fast-rolling and grippy in the corners, and our seamless latex inner tube makes for a stellar track tire that's race-day light, super supple for a sweet ride, and ready to carry you to victory after victory. The latex tube is lighter, thinner and more flexible than a butyl tube, increasing your comfort, lowering your rolling resistance, and helping to prevent flats. The tube also includes a removable core Presta valve.




Seamless latex inner tube - Their Seamless Latex Inner Tubes are also produced in their own factory from locally-sourced materials and are either sewn inside their Tubulars or sold individually to be mounted onto an Open Tubular setup. Latex has elastic and absorptive qualities that enable a larger point of contact than a butyl tube. The added elasticity reduces rolling resistance and enhances comfort and speed, making latex an ideal material for racers at the top level of the sport.

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