Challenge Strada Pro Black Clincher 25mm

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Choose quality, choose reputation, choose Challenge.

The Challenge Strada Pro Open Tubular Clincher Tyre gives you the performance characteristics of a tubular tyre but with the added assurance of greater options if you happen to puncture.

With construction that features the Puncture Protection System (PPS), the Strada is designed to be ridden on rough roads, road racing or for bigger riders seeking that Challenge supple feel, quality and performance.

What's an open tubular?

An open tubular is constructed using the same casing and tread materials and process as a tubular, but instead of sewing the casing together (closed), the sides of the tubular casing are folded around aramid fibre cords to produce beads.

This ‘open’ design performs like a tubular, yet conveniently mounts like a standard clincher tyre.