Magura Brake Pads 8.P Performance 1 pr inc.retaining screw

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Magura 8.P Brake Pads

Genuine Magura 8.P (PERFORMANCE) Brake pads, 1 pair in original packaging. Use only genuine Magura brake pads to preserve your 5-year Magura leak-proof warranty! Dont risk using cheap non-branded pads that may squeal and reduce performance, and potentially tranfer excessive heat to your calipers!

(please note product photo includes 1 pad of each of C, P and R range- this listing is for 1 pair of P-PERFORMANCE only)

New for 2017: Magura Brake Pad Series

Magura have released their new MT disc brake pad range for 2017, featuring a new numbering convention, coloured backing plates for simple identification, and an additional high performance Race compound option.

The new brake pad compounds are now known as R=RACE, P=PERFORMANCE, and C=COMFORT

RACE: For all those who bring their equipment to their limits during XC or downhill and require outstanding brake performance. Maximum bite, but lower durability. Best bite in wet conditions.

PERFORMANCE: For long tours these pads offer safety together with excellent performance in all situations. High bite in wet and dry conditions, less fading and good durability.

COMFORT: For riders who want control rather than bite from their brakes as well as those looking for a longer lasting product. Best for Fading, durability and noise.

So for brake pads to suit MT2, S, 4, 6 and 8 you have the choice between 7.C, 7.P and 7.R (in order of increasing bite and performance). For Magura’s 4-piston brakes the MT5 and the flagship MT7, you can choose between 8.P and 8.R (4 individual pads per caliper) and 9.C and 9.P (2 pads per caliper).

Up until 2017, Magura disc brake pads were identified by a number referring to the brake compound type. For example, the standard brake pad 7.1 was using the better bite PERFORMANCE compound,  longer-wearing ENDURANCE compound, and 7.2 was the higher bite PERFORMANCE. The 7.P is the equivalent of the former 7.1, and 7.C is the equivalent to the old 7.2.