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CRONO CR1 is the super light carbon bike shoe that combines performance with very high comfort. The 6-layer woven carbon sole ensures that you transmit every single watt of power to the pedals. Its thoughtful details such as the anti-slip lining and the laser-designed side vents for ventilation, combined with an exclusive closure technology make this CR1 our top of the range. The now unmistakable and reliable Multi Contact Closure System, developed in the CRONO research and development department, allows an incredibly enveloping closure, distributing the pressure on 8 points, eliminating the annoyance of the front tab. Two BOA® Li2 with coated steel cable (replaceable), allow you to achieve direct contact with the shoe. BOA® Fit System offers high adjustment comfort for a quick fit, even when taking off the shoe.

The now unmistakable and reliable MULTI CONTACT SYSTEM unlike traditional systems on the market, allows the traction of the first closing band of the shoe distributed on 2 CARRIERS. This allows the shoe to adapt much better to the different morphologies of the feet and also by working with a closure line on the direction of the heel angle it avoids lifting during pedaling. You will transmit all your power to the sole made up of 6 levels of woven carbon. All this without losing anything in comfort. Boost your race!